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Historic Landscape Characterisation

This characterises the distinctive historic dimension of today’s landscape. This is a complex and multifaceted database concerned with time depth in the landscape as well as present day character comprised of recurrent but not necessarily geographically discrete Historic Landscape Types.

 (Wyvern Heritage and Landscape Consultancy, 2012; Conway 2007)

Historic Landscape Character Areas

These are akin to Landscape Character Areas in that they identity geographical discrete areas, with distinctive historic environment characteristics. These highlight surviving time‐depth and the legibility and the enjoyment of the past in the present landscape. They identify the North Wessex Downs landscape’s cultural, historic and archaeological attributes and the importance of change through time as a primary characteristic. They provide a systematic overview of the characteristics of the historic landscape in the AONB and  identify the special qualities and features of significance within the historic landscape.

(Wyvern Heritage and Landscape Consultancy, 2015)

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